Letting go of Fear

This is a topic I am probably way too familiar with, and today I felt inspired to write about my experiences with it, as I have no doubt many of you reading it will relate to it in one way or another.

A gorgeous friend of mine and I did a live talk on this recently, and it made me realise how much this emotion ruled my life, for so long.  Now before I go into how I conquered this emotion…or should I say, how I am still working on conquering it, I’d like to give you 3 most significant examples of how fear and I came head to head and how drastically it changed my life. I have wondered if sharing these things may be too personal, or too much to give away about myself, but the way I see it is, I consider myself an open book. I don’t hide who I am, or what cards I had been dealt. The reason I chose to be open is because I have overcome everything that life has thrown at me, and I have no doubt that I can inspire others, even if it is only 1 person, to do the same.

So here goes…

  1. My first encounter was when I was 10 years old, and my parents and I packed our bags and moved to Melbourne from Hungary. I had no idea what I was in for. I spoke zero English, I had no friends, I had left everything behind and had to start a brand new life. This would be tough for anyone I am sure, but when you are a kid and you move schools, kids can be cruel at the best of times, let alone to a new kid who can’t speak their language. Luckily for me I did make a few good friends, I quickly picked up the language and now I feel like I never spoke anything else. As a bonus I can speak two fluent languages and the experience taught me that it is ok to be myself, regardless of how others perceive me, because I alone have the power to overcome my obstacles, and that’s exactly what I did.
  2. The second experience was my big break up. I don’t speak of this experience as a means to have a pity party or to live in the past, but simply because this was literally 1/3 of my entire life that came to an end, and it was the scariest thing I had ever gone through (more so than #1). I had to rediscover who I was at my entire core. What did I want? What did I like? What did I dislike? Seems like really simple questions to answer, but when you do everything as a pair, these become food for thought. Rediscovering ones self can be the most scary, yet liberating experience, and I know that anyone who has been through it can relate, 100%. You are fearful of what’s to come, of what will become of you and your life, because what you had imagined for so long is no longer a reality. But the truth is, it is by far the most excited I had ever been and learnt things about myself that I never knew existed within.
  3. Following on from #2, the last most significant fear I overcame (to this day) was going back to study full time. I had spent years questioning my path, questioning what I wanted to do with the rest of my life career wise. I was stuck and had considered so many pathways, none of which I followed though with because I felt no desire for any of them. They just didn’t fit. Until one day I discovered how passionate I became about health and nutrition due to some personal encounters. I realised that this is what I had been waiting for. This was my lightbulb moment that lit me up from inside out. Now, I had a full time job, a fancy apartment in South Yarra, a new car, did I want to give those up to live on minimum wages and stick my head in the books for the next 3 years? The answer was YES. Eventually I bit the bullet and enrolled at my college of choice. This decision happened very quickly once I had made up my mind, and I have not looked back, had a single doubt or regret in my body. It has been hard, challenging, stressful, has sent my body into all sorts of reactions, but it has been the best, the BEST thing I have ever done!

Al of these things have led to to be the person that I am today, to have the outlook, the passion, the drive, the courage and the ability to stand my ground. Because none of these things were easy at the time, but I survived every single one of them. I realise that these may not seem major compared to what many others go through, but we all encounter challenges in our life time, and we all have the ability to overcome them, no matter how big or small. When we are presented with something that ignites that feeling or doubt, fear and anxiety, we have the power to take charge and change our outlook, to take the leap and dive in or let go, and most importantly we have the ability to make that outcome into whatever we chose, because we as humans were designed to be abatable to our environment and thrive as the magnificent creations that we are!

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