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Nutrition Consultations (Available from July 17) 

-A thorough in depth case taking involving all aspects of the patient including dietary habits, lifestyle factors and medical history. Using this information an in depth analysis is complied for a tailored treatment plan and ongoing treatment management. Functional testing and referrals available, as well as personalised compounded supplements.


Areas of interest include

– Stress, anxiety and depression

-Skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea

-Womens health and hormonal imbalances

-Fatigue and sleep issues

-Weight loss and weight gain

-Digestive health- FODMAPS, IBS, food intolerances

-Immune support


Dietary Analysis and Tailored Meal Plan

After providing a weekly diet diary, a full analysis using the Food-zone program is provided to determine an in-depth breakdown of nutritional deficiencies and assess calorie intake. Based on this, a full meal plan can be put together to address adequate nutrient and optimal calorie intake.

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Skin Therapy

In depth skin analysis and tailored skin treatment using non-toxic, advanced skin products designed for optimal results. This is done alongside a nutritional consultation to provide the most effective outcome possible.



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