Why did I become a Nutritionist?

This was a journey that took me a really long time to work out. I didn’t always want to become a nutritionist. In fact, I never really cared too much about nutrition. I knew the basics, and in all honesty I thought I knew what worked for me and that was that.

I quite literally had a light bulb moment one day, and that was it. It was a realisation that completely overpowered me and consumed my entire being. I KNEW I had found my path, my purpose.

At the time my only obstacle was deciding where I was going to study. I had a full time job and I was very apprehensive about giving up my full time income. Because of this, I considered and looked into some online short courses, but none of them resonated with me. At the time I was seeing a naturopath (she was one of the contributors to my light bulb moment, along with my mum), and I was absolutely in awe of her knowledge and ability to help me find answers and the impact her advice had made on my health. I wanted to do what she did. I didn’t want a short course, I wanted ALL the knowledge and skill to be able to help others just as she was able to help me.

This is quite literally what happened. I spent approximately 1-2 weeks researching institutions to study. I called two of them, but felt a barrier. I had so many questions and so little answers from them. I then rang Endeavour College of Natural Health, and the lady I spoke to spent over 30 minutes talking to me and answered literally all of my questions. This was on a Friday. The following Monday I had enrolled.

Here is why I chose to study nutrition specifically, and why I chose to study a bachelor degree.

My initial light bulb moment had everything to do with my health transforming from eating differently. I took some supplements to help me, but it was all about making the right food choices for my body and my body’s needs.

I see it all the time, and I used to be one of these people. I used to believe I was eating ok, healthy enough, but I truly wasn’t. I never realised the power of food. I never understood the relevance of what and why we need to put certain foods into our bodies.

While I love and appreciate so many people out there promoting health and wellbeing, I want to share this with you all because this still leads to a lot of confusion and misleading information. I understand and see how desperate people are to feel better, to lose weight, to sleep better, to feel more energy etc.

I have been approached many times by companies trying to get me on board to their businesses where they are essentially selling supplements to promote a healthy lifestyle. I will never join one of these companies. Why? Because I don’t believe in a quick fix. I don’t believe that taking a pill or having a shake has all the answers. Yes, I’m sure they have their benefits and that they have worked for some, and that’s great. But they are expensive. I mean, expensive! People already believe that eating healthy is pricy, so why would they spend all this money on encapsulated nutrients?

I 100% believe in supplements. I studied them, I understand them, and I am still learning about them every day. Supplements are there to support our health. When our bodies are struggling to function on their own, supplements are like the cables to jump start a car. They are there to help us get going, but ultimately our bodies are designed to do the work on their own. They are there to help heal whatever is out of balance until we are able to feel back in balance again. But the thing is, we don’t need 50 different supplements everyday long term. Understand that just because they are “natural” and our bodies need them, they are still therapeutic and can cause a reaction, good or bad, so understanding this is extremely relevant. This is why we study pathology, biology and biochemistry in great depth, undertake clinical experience and so much more over a 3 year period.

People suffer from all sorts of imbalances. There are so many that I could sit here for days writing them out and I’d only be scratching the surface. These imbalances cause more imbalances, and so on and so on.  This can result from not only what foods we eat, but our lifestyles, stress, medication, toxic exposure, mindset, and so much more. It becomes like a domino effect, and this is exactly why it’s crucial to try and find out the initial imbalance that has led to the symptoms. That’s exactly what we do as nutritionists and naturopaths. All of these things have to be considered when we look at prescribing supplements, dosages, time duration and how to take them.

My ultimate goal is to educate people about healthy eating for their very own, personal needs. I want to teach people how to shop, chose healthy options and nourish their body in an easy and affordable way. Being healthy is a birth right. It shouldn’t be hard, it shouldn’t be unachievable and it shouldn’t be unaffordable. Food is abundant, it’s all around us. We don’t need to buy capsules of freeze-dried food and we don’t need to spend a fortune on superfoods. Yes we are complex beings, but we’re not that complex. We were designed to thrive, to be healthy and to be in tune with ourselves. If you look around you, look at animals, look at nature. They thrive exactly as they were designed to, and we were designed no different to them. So ask yourself, if you are out of balance, what is causing it? All the tools to thrive are accessible to you, and to everyone around you.

This is why I chose to study food as medicine. I have seen the most incredible changes, transformations and results, and I will spend the rest of my life aiming to educate and empower others to achieve their health goals, all by helping them to understand their bodies and how to nourish them for their individual needs with real, wholesome food. Simple, but so so very powerful.

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