October De-Stress

Hello beautiful people,

Hey guys! So! I am going to be running a de-stress program over the month of October via a private Facebook group.

What is it all about?

What I find in clinic ALL the time, is that stress plays a HUGE role in all presenting cases! I never treat anyone without first addressing their stress as I believe this is a massive part of the healing process.

This program will be aimed at
~helping you identify triggers for stress
~understanding how stress affects your life and health emotionally, mentally and physically
~providing you with mindfulness activities daily
~helping you make healthier food choices that specifically support your nervous system and hormones
~looking at what is and what should be in your pantry
~understanding food labels
~daily meal ideas
~shopping lists
~how to incorporate the right foods into your diet in a way that is EASY and AFFORDABLE!

The group will be a supportive environment with lots of value and support for those who are genuinely wanting to learn and make a difference to their health.

If you are READY to make a change then this program is the perfect place to start!

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