My “Diagnosis”

Let’s get real and raw for a minute. I want to share this part of my journey with you in hopes of making you see the the true importance of health and the serious implications stress can have on it. How it all began… I have always probably taken on more than I could really … Continue reading My “Diagnosis”


A little inspiration…

Yesterday I was listening to a talk online, and something was said that really resonated with me BIG time! "Many of us attempt to predict our future based on the past". This really hit hard. It provides a perfectly clear explanation of why many of us are suffering both stress and anxiety. This is something … Continue reading A little inspiration…


There are so many people who struggle with sleep. I see this time and time again. People of all ages, are struggling with some form of sleep issue. Not being able to fall asleep, waking during the nights, restlessness, waking up feeling unrefreshed, feeling anxious during the night, the list can go on. We lead such … Continue reading Sleep