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I am always up for teaming up with like-minded professionals to share support, ideas, and collaborate on workshops, programs, retreats and anything health related.

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4 Week Health Support


This short program is aimed at helping you become more aware of your body and the barriers you are facing that are preventing you from reaching your goals. 

Package includes-

-1 hour initial consultation

-2x 30 minute follow ups

-1x 15 minute check in via phone

-Dietary analysis with nutrient report 

-Personalised meal suggestions and food prep guide 

-Tips and information guide on how to break through your barriers 

-$100 towards nutritional prescriptions/personalised nutritional compounding

Valued at $550 


Free 15 minute Phone Chat

If you are unsure what a Nutritionist is or what we do, schedule a phone call with me so we can discuss how I can help support you on your health journey.

Please note that this is only for new patients and a one time offer only. Any further bookings will incur additional costs.After providing a weekly diet diary after your appointment, a full analysis can be provided to determine an in-depth breakdown of nutritional deficiencies and assess calorie intake. Based on this, a full, personalised meal plan can be put together to address adequate nutrient and optimal calorie intake.
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